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Private and Federal Healthcare Exchanges start on October 1st, 2013.  Confused? We can help you avoid all of the pitfalls of the new legistation.


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Private Health Insurance Exchange

October 1st, 2013 Private and Federal Healthcare Exchange start enrollment. 


This site will provide you with quotes and enrollments from ALL OF THE CARRIERS on the Exchange.

Louisiana Health Insurance Exchange

The Affordable Care Act online enrollments started on Oct 1, 2013 even though most carriers, exchanges and marketplaces were not ready.   Even if you enrolled on October 1, your effective date will still be January 1, 2014.  You can avoid the rush by letting things settle down  a bit and enrolling in November when things will be enrolling smoother.


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Basics of Health Care Reform


Printable Guide Click Here  -  Aetna/Coventry Healthcare 




Are You Ready?


The “Patient Protection Affordable Care Act” (ACA) better known as

National Health Insurance Reform starts on January 1, 2014.



Enrollment starts on October 1st, 2013.


Our "Certified" National Healthcare Reform Specialist have be reviewing the tax laws and insurance regulations for months to assure that our clients do not make a mistake regarding their health insurance in 2014. We have made it very easy for individuals and business owners to understand exactly how these new laws apply to them, so you don't make a costly mistake regarding your health insurance in 2014. This website puts you in direct contact with locally trained professionals in your area that can meet with you in person. Our approach is to design you a plan that will lower your premium and increase your coverage while maximizing your tax advantages.



Are You Confused About Healthcare Reform?


If so, you’re not alone. Most people don't have a clue how the new laws will affect them or their business. Worse still is the fact that millions of people are set to enroll before the end of the year.   Don't get caught in the rush. Groups need to take action now to get advice they need on how the new laws exactly pertain to them.



What will ACA mean?


ACA will forever change how health insurance is bought and sold. ACA eliminates all of the obstacles that existed between the group and individual health insurance market.   This resulted in the three major components of ACA. First, the elimination of waiting periods for all preexisting conditions. Second, generous government subsidies based on income to individuals who are not eligible for group health benefits at work.   Finally ACA requires all health insurance policies to conform to certain acceptable coverage no matter if it is group or individual. This means that maternity is now covered on all group and individual policies in 2014.



Truth of the Matter


ACA is shifting much of the financial burden of health insurance premiums from groups and individuals to the federal government. This cost shift will save employers and individuals billions of dollars. With the elimination of all preexisting conditions, many middle and lower income individuals and families will find much better rates and coverage under ACA. Many employees will qualify for No Cost health insurance. The result is that many small businesses can now choose to drop their group coverage and avoid the burden of administering a health plan and dealing with annual rate increases.



Why Group Insurance may be more Costly in 2014


Employer group health plans could actually have an unintended effect on employees and make group health insurance even more expensive to the people who can least afford it. This happens when a group offers coverage but does not pay for dependent coverage. Because either the spouse and/or children are offered health insurance under a group policy, they would not be eligible for the federal subsidy. This will easily cost employees that can least afford it thousands of dollars in unnecessary premiums.   There may be a way around this problem and this is why you will want to work with one of our “Certified" Healthcare Reform Specialist ASAP.



Avoid the Rush


Millions will enroll in ACA in just 3 months.   ACA has the potential to cost thousands of dollars of unnecessary premiums to your business and employees. Business owners will want to get started ASAP and explore exactly what ACA will mean to their business. Individuals will want to explore their options before the rush starts.



Why this Site is Different


There are countless websites that can explain the basics of healthcare reform. Until you understand it all, you will be missing the big picture.   This website is different because it puts you in contact with local professionals who are experts and understand how to keep you from making a costly mistake.   Because of the Federal subsidies, most employers may be able to save up to 50% off their group insurance. Did your group agent tell you that? When was the last time that happened?  



Work with the Best - "Certified" Healthcare Reform Specialist


The Patients Protection Affordable Care Act (ACA) is very complex, and the government only requires 4 hours of study for existing licensed health insurance agents.  Even less qualified individuals will be able to enroll people in ACA and many of those people will be located out of state.


You can avoid this pitfall by working with one of our highly trained "Certified Healthcare Reform Specialists" who receive the highest level of training available and then are put through extensive testing.  Best of all, our specialist are licensed health insurance agents who have years of experience and represent all of the top health insurance carriers.

So don't risk making a huge financial mistake regarding your insurance in 2014 and beyond.  We work with all size groups and individuals.  Work with the experts, so you don't have to be.









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